"Hello! Hello there! May I help you with something?"

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{{ Unfortunately I must bid everyone good night. I have morning work tomorrow and I am in need of sleep. Apollon will be 6 inches tall for the next few days, so be very careful with the tiny god!

… Pocket god! Pokegami! Haha!

… Sorry, no more bad jokes from me.

Anyway, good night! }}

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Anonymous said —
❝ picks the frisbee up and off the mini sun god. places a large orange slice next to him. ❞

☼ — Salvation! He is free!

And what’s more, there’s a slice of orange sitting next to the frisbee! It’s half his size, but that just makes him all the happier, prompting a beaming smile from Apollon.

"Thank you! Thank you so very much!"

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❝ "You must be the god of the sun? I heard a bit about you from the other gods~" he was plainly guessing but they had told him it would be impossible to miss cause they kept referring to him as a-fool-lon and he could see why. cough. ❞

"You have? Haha, I guess my reputation proceeds me!"


"It’s nice to meet you! My name is Apollon- oh, but you probably already knew that! What’s your name?"

☼ — His warm smile is accompanied by an extended hand to be shaken, should the other wish to.

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Anonymous said —
❝ Puts a rock on the frisbee, now he has no chance of escape! ❞

”?! W-w-what are you doing?!”

☼ — The exclamation is barely louder than a squeak. No matter how hard he tries to push the frisbee, Apollon’s stuck!

"That’s- that’s so mean!!"

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Closed rp with godly-sunlight



Horus was in the kitchen once again making lunch. Ever sense Yui started stealing his he had to make two. One for her and one for himself. As he was washing up the dishes to begin, he heard a noise over by the door. Glancing over he saw a familiar face. He didn’t know much about the blonde in the door but he had seen him quite often. It was namely because Dionysus inviting Horus to stay in the greek dorms. He dried his hands then waves. As if calling the sun god over.

"Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmhmmmhmm-hmhmhmm~ La-ta-laa-lalaaalaaa~"

☼ — Today is a good day! Days like this prompt this god of the sun and of music to sing- or, well, he’d be singing outright if he didn’t have an apple in his mouth, his hands full of boxes that he’s carrying to the kitchen. As it is he’s humming happily.

Someone’s already in there, someone Apollon recognizes. With apple in mouth he can’t speak clearly, but he sure tries.

"Hohuff! Heh-oh! Fwa ah hyoo ‘ooii?"

☼ — Translation: “Horus! Hello! What are you doing?”

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Anonymous said —
❝ Ace x Alice ❞



Y’know I’m beginning to think people send me this ship intentionally

  • Who was the one to propose: Ace. He’d drop it in randomly into conversation and continue talking about it as if it was no big deal, up until Alice forcibly stopped him to ask what exactly he’d just said.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Alice. Ace would be pretty relaxed about it, I think.
  • Who decorated the house: Alice. Ace doesn’t spend much time in one place, and while he does bring back knick-knacks from his travels, it’s Alice who organizes them.
  • Who does the cooking: I think they’d share cooking duty. They’re both good at cooking different things. Alice would make pastries, breads, more complicated dishes, etc. and Ace would probably cook more meat and veggies.
  • Who does the cleaning: They’d share this too, I think. It might not seem it but Ace is fairly neat, out of habit. He needs to know where things are. Alice also enjoys cleaning.
  • Who is more organized: Ace. See above.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Ace, generally.
  • Who suggested kids first: Alice. I don’t think Ace would be too crazy about kids honestly.

Ace should not spawn

{{ Ace should never spawn }}

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Anonymous said —
❝ Throws a frisbee at Apollon, hoping for a good reaction ❞

☼ — The miniature god tries to jump and catch the frisbee, only to pale when he realizes it’s going to land ON TOP OF him. He scrambles to flee but still gets trapped under the frisbee.

"He- heeeeelp!"

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❝ (You're taunting me with the sexual Sunday thing now! Aren't you!? I was trying to be good!) So, Apollon, since the unicorn is out of the bag - What's your favorite position? Or have you been to one too many of Dionysus' parties and just like them all now? ❞






"H- HUH?! PO- POSITION?! As in- as in s- s-s-se-?!"


"Don’t bring up the unicooooorn! I don’t have a favorite! And it’s NOT BECAUSE I’VE BEEN TO TOO MANY OF DEE-DEE’S PARTIES EITHER!"

☼ — His hands are covering his brilliantly red face. One would think that millennia of existence would take some of the innocence out of a guy- especially one with at least SOME experience- but it seems not so in the case of Ahollon.

"Dee-Dee’s parties are fun but I don’t go to them for THAT reason!"

Of course you don’t. It’s just…

That unicorn seemed pretty upset by your presence. It was a rather dramatic level of rejection for a casual offender.

"Unicorns like virgin women best! I’ve never done anything inappropriate but I admit I’ve pursued more than one girl before!"


"But never more than one at one time, and I’m not like Zeus either!"

☼ — It’s unclear to even his mun if he’s digging himself deeper, spilling more than he should be, or if he’s doing a good job covering his tail.

So no… Europa-ian type interests?

☼ — He needs a moment to understand the reference given his distraction. Once he does, that blush goes even darker.


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❝ "Loki-Loki! What are the first two colors that come to your mind, and do you prefer chocolate or cherry?" ☼ — No really, he has a very valid reason for this question. ❞



"Red, purple… and chocolate. Wait, no… cherry. ….. Chocolate."


"Red and purple, and… both cherry and chocolate! Heehee, perfect!"

☼ — Apollon’s giggle would be ominous were he anyone else. In his case, it’s just enough to prove he’s planning something.

"Thank you, Loki-Loki!"

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❝ A deep bark rebounds through out the school. Sitting next to the Greek dorm sat a giant, dark, three headed dog and He seemed to be sniffing at Apollons window. As Yui hid behind a tree, she wondered if she should warn the God of the danger. ❞



"Hmm? Fairy, what are you doing there?"

Yui is secretly glad she isn’t being noticed, her pout fading as she watched them run around. But she couldn’t just leave him there! With a slight frown, the violette put her hand to her mouth, whistling loudly to try and attract the dogs attention.

"Cerberus!", she calls, watching him perk up. Her expression freezes much like Apollons did. Don’t run, she tells herself. She’ll risk being tackled.

"AHHHH!!", she screamed, for the dog had forsaken Apollon and charged at her. Standing her ground she waits for the impact.

☼ — At first Apollon’s relieved the giant dog isn’t chasing him anymore. The moment he notices Cerberus’s new target to play with, however, he yelps and races off after.

"Cerberus! No! Stop, boy! Stoooop!"

☼ — By sheer luck Cerberus falters enough for Apollon to dart past and tackle Yui into the bushes alongside the school, just out of reach of the dog. He’s careful to avoid letting her hit the ground or get scraped.

"Ouch… a-are you all right, Fairy?!"